My blog covers technical topics, but I promise Iā€™m a well-rounded human with varied interests. I really like cooking. Iā€™m married, with two young children and a cat. Lived in London until just a few years ago, now I live in Winchester and come to London from time to time.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

IRCCloud ā€“ an in-browser IRC bouncer/client and mobile app. Backend in Erlang. SaaS. I'm taking a backseat at the moment, but remains in excellent hands: James, Russ & Sam.
In 2008-2009 I wrote about building a 1 million user "comet" (ie http streaming, pre-websockets) system, in Erlang. Although a fairly niche topic, I enjoyed hearing how it inspired people to learn Erlang for years afterwards.
Music and media should be accessed by means of content resolution: matching metadata to local or remote sources. Embodied by Playdar. I built working implementations in both Erlang and C++.
The Social Music Revolution āœŠšŸ¼ Billions of data-points about what people are listening to in realtime. Recommendations, personalised radio, stats galore. Great fun, great team. Audioscrobbler, upon which was built, started life as my university dissertation.
IRCCat remains useful to this day. libketama (consistent hashing lib) is probably still in production in various places. I do a fair bit of poking Home Assistant. I've done some talks and presentations, but mostly back before talk videos were routinely made and uploaded. Also I guess, a whole bunch of temporary or nasty hacks. Here's a more recent one that fixes a DNS resolution bug in Doorbird.