My blog is part logbook, part fun-stuff-with-erlang, some articles tangentially related to scalability, and a healthy dash of miscellaneous.

Pertinent Projects

I'm currently working on IRCCloud, with James. An in-browser IRC bouncer/client that will rock your world; we already have many, many screen+irssi refugees.
I have a vision of how music should be accessed and exposed to desktop and web apps, embodied by Playdar. I built working implementations in both Erlang and C++. I'm currently taking a break from music-related hacking, but I'm keeping a close eye on the Tomahawk Music Player, which implements the Playdar API. co-founder & CTO, 2003-2009. The Social Music Revolution. Billions of data-points about what people are listening to in realtime. Recommendations, personalised radio, stats-porn, info-viz. Great fun, great team.
/etc My favourite project that keeps-on-giving has got to be IRCCat. A minimal proof of concept in Java, that turned out to be incredibly useful. The highest utility/SLOC ratio ever. It's had almost zero maintenance or modifications in years, and has ports in various other languages.